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Our services

Predictive analytics

Machine Learning and AI are coming to so many of the apps and services you use - with our predictive analytics services you can make them part of your business. Through opportunity discovery, predictive analytics helps you do more with less.


How do you know which leads are worth pursuing?


How to organise your shelves for the highest level of sales?


When to call for repairs to minimise maintenance costs?


Which content will be most relevant to your audience segments?

Data visualisation

Data visualisation powers knowledge discovery and provides new insights into your datasets. Our visualisation services range from visual storytelling with unique graphics to powering suites of real-time operational dashboards.


Develop operational and management Dashboards in Tableau

Interactive Graphics

Empower your communication and insight discovery

Realtime Analytics

Remove the delay in the information that's most important to you

Data applications

End-to-end handling of data application development. For the most demanding applications we develop tailored solutions leveraging dedicated machine learning pipelines.

Data Management

Break away from Excel with dedicated tools

Computer Vision

Automate processes which currently require manual inspection


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We help companies define and implement strategies to make data part of their organisational DNA.

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